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Suit It Like Beckham

David Beckham is always dressed to impress. He and wife Victoria have been a style icon-couple since they married.  David seems to grab even more attention when he suits up.  So what is it about his style that women (and men) admire so much?  Let’s take a look.

1. The clean lines. A crisp white shirt like this is so easy to work with. Try a Medium Spread collar if ordering a custom dress shirt, you can reduce the point length by 1/4 or 1/2 inch to create the style he wears here. Try one with us today. Start your order here.







2. He keeps his wardrobe crisp and classic and sticks to what he knows works. The two button coat and medium lapel work well with the medium width of the tie. Keep with a theme if you can: medium spread collar, medium tie width, medium lapel.








3. He doubles up on some classic styles. This double breasted pinstripe suit somehow doesn’t seem like too much with the clean white shirt and standard solid tie.









4. He knows how to suit down as well. He can just as easily throw on a tee under the suit. Some of us cannot pull off the V-neck but a graphic tee is a great place to try this trend.







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Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley


How To Wear The Three Piece Suit

So you decided to venture into the world of the three piece suit. Great! Now, let’s add some details.

Choose a shirt with a contrasting collar and cuff and add a matching pocket square. You can design your own white collar dress shirt here.








Show some belt. Add a contrasting belt and leave the coat unbuttoned.

3piecewith belt







Why not pull out your grandfather’s pocket watch? What’s the point of it sitting in your valet box?









Haven’t bought your three piece yet? Why not try this season’s new color: Wine? It looks great with the rounded collar. We can make your custom dress shirt in this style. Start your new club collar shirt here.








Or perhaps buy one with a scoop front vest?








Smoke in your three piece. Just kidding. Don’t smoke. But Daniel Craig is cool.








Let me know how you wear yours. Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley




Trendy or Tacky?

“Trendy is the last stage before Tacky.”-Karl Lagerfeld

Although the fashion industry often pushes the limits with some of it’s “trends”, a great deal of them stick around while the fruitless  fizzle. When it comes to dapper dressing, luckily we as humans get to decide how we creatively express ourselves. Here are a few trends that seem to be hanging on to these last days of summer. We see them all over the net and all over the city. Hits or misses?

1. Men’s cropped slacks: I do love the no socks look as well as the printed socks and the cropped slack is a great way to show these details off. I vote yes on this trend. Just don’t go too short. Keep them just above the ankle.








2. Colorful Kicks: Pair these with the staple items like your navy blazer or white button down custom dress shirt. I think they are a fun way to add a little uptown funk.








3:  Teal Suits: Again, this is a YES for me. I am especially loving them on grooms. Just be sure to buy a quality suit (think custom, of course) because teal can get tacky if the fabric is lame. ..and please go easy on the accessories.

teal suit2







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-Meghan Henley

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How To Wear a Professional Beard

The art of facial hair can be tricky.  Keep your look professional with these three choices. Any of these will work with your suit and custom dress shirt.

1. A Beard in all it’s Glory:

Go for it! If you are going full throttle into beard territory, I advise you consult a barber once you have more than just stubble. Ask him for a nice grooming trim and take notes. Ask where to buy some quality styling gear.  Once home, make sure to trim your manly beard-mane at least once a week. This will depend on how fast your hair grows. Don’t forget the mustache. It needs a trim more like 3-4 times a week. Tip: Don’t neglect the neck. Keep it clean. Even the back of the neck needs some attention between haircuts.

2.  5 O’clock Manicured Stubble:

First and foremost to get a great 5 O’clock shadow you need a great beard trimmer. It is worth the investment and will give you a uniform stubble. Take the guard off for the 5 O’clock shadow and shave down with the grain. Make sure to double check your neck and cheeks and wet shave those areas. I prefer a wet shave below the Adam’s Apple as well. Tip: Think about investing in a good badger brush. It actually exfoliates the skin and gives the skin a glow she will love.

3. The Classic Clean Shave:

It’s crisp and never goes out of style. A clean shaven face feels amazing when you follow the Hot, Wet, Cold Rule.

Hot: Steam, steam, steam in the shower or take a hot washcloth over the face for 3-5 minutes before lathering up for the shave.

Wet: Lather well with a quality shave cream and badger brush.

Cold: Close the pores with a cold washcloth or cold water rinse and after shave.

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