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When the Shirt Hits the Fan

Correct Measurements Is Key To Getting The Right Fit









If you have ever taken the online custom dress shirt plunge, you may have encountered a few problems. Here are the 7 most common problems with ordering a made to measure shirt online.

1. The Painful Process-You decide to go for it. You log on and begin answering a few questions about your body type. Then all the sudden the form is asking you for your bone density and exact weight after running a marathon. Okay, I exaggerate but you understand what I am getting at.  “Wait a minute. I am not a tailor!” Precisely the reason you began the process, right?  At Best Custom Shirt, we make sure to offer two options for the body measurement process. One takes 5 minutes, the other 10, TOPS.

2. The NO ANSWER, answer- Moving along in the measurement form, suddenly it asks for your waist measurement, you follow the instructions and it is 4 inches different than your pant size. You question this. You retake the measurement. Same story. Make a quick call to ask a rep, right? Wait. No phone number? Or better yet, you find one and it is a call center. “Someone will call you back with how to take that measurement in the next 48 hours.” Well, Best Custom Shirt again has you covered.  We have an 800 number blaring on the website where you call and speak with someone not only located in the US but someone who works directly with the pattern makers, style department, and shipping clerks. If you have been a customer in the past decade, chances are you talk to me quite often! (It’s me, Meghan)

3. Boring Selections- There’s nothing worse than pouring over the same fabric choices time and again. We have an ever evolving fabric selection. We follow the trends and offer great color selections and new trim and styling options. We love to see the designs of custom dress shirts you create with our fabrics!

4. Irritating Fabrics-Some companies work so hard to make their shirts “non-iron” and “wrinkle-free” that they are actually treating your shirts with Formaldehyde. Yes, I said it. This harsh chemical treatment has been linked to lymph node and testicular cancers in men. Don’t do it. I repeat…Just don’t. (We don’t.)

5. The Dicey Pricey Game-Many companies have one price, HIGH. We offer 3 price points in our fabric lines so you can decide what and where you spend your money. It’s your money to spend, after all. Right?

6. The Pop Up Vendor- Who are these custom shirt makers anyway? There is very little information on where they came from, how long they have been in business, and HOW TO GET IN TOUCH with them. (I know I am bringing that up again but customer service is so important to me.) We were established in 1993 and I personally have been with the company for almost a decade. Wow. I am getting old. I digress. The owner and designer Janine Giorgenti, just Google her if you haven’t heard of her. What I am saying is, We actually know what we are doing.

7. The Shrinking Confidence- So you get the custom dress shirt in the mail from a shirt maker, and it fits! “Yes!”, you think. “Well done!” But alas, you send it to the cleaners and it returns looking like your son’s shirt. We actually factor the shrinkage allowance of each fabric choice into the pattern when we create your personal custom dress shirt pattern. So, although it most likely won’t fit when you open the package, your mom probably told you that you should wash your clothing before you put it on anyway, right?

-Meghan Henley