The One Question to Ask your Tailor

“Will my clothes actually be custom made or will they be altered to fit me?”

Did you know that in some cases, a “tailor” will simply purchase a ready made suit, shirt, or pair of pants and either alter them himself (herself)…or (GASP) even have someone else alter them? Wait. Why, then are you paying them the exorbitant amount of money? We don’t know either.

We make it quite easy to get those shirts and pants at an affordable price and guess what? We actually do the work. They ARE custom made. It may take a while but we believe a custom fit is worth the wait.

Before he or she whips out the endless pile of fabric swatches and seamstress tape, ask them this simple question. If there is a moment of stammering, walk out the door.

Dress well! Be well!

-Meghan Henley