Trim Your Shirt Fat

Baggy shirt
The excess fabric at his waistline creates a sloppy look.

A dress shirt with too much fabric at the waistline looks sloppy and unprofessional especially when the shirt has no jacket to hide beneath.

There are two quick fixes to trim the fat of your shirt. You may have it professionally altered or buy a new custom dress shirt.

Having a shirt altered is an expensive endeavor and there is no guarantee that the shirt will even be a great fit at the end of the process.

Buying a new custom made shirt with your specific body measurements is the better option.  Once you get the right fit, you can quickly and easily re-order.

Technology has made it quite easy to buy a custom dress shirt. Be sure to find an online shirt maker with a good and long standing reputation for quality craftsmanship and tailoring. Once you have a great fitting shirt without  excess bulk around the waist, you will look and feel more confident.

Dress Well! Be Well!

-Meghan Henley

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