Choosing a Men's Dress Shirt That Flatters Your Complexion

Look in the closet of the average man and you will find a sea of solid white dress shirts. Most men just aren't comfortable choosing flattering colors for their complexions. White on the other hand is always appropriate and easy to match-but it doesn't look good on everybody.

What Colors Look Best on You?

A man with fair hair and skin will look tired and washed out in white while a man with a darker complexion will look young and vibrant. Understanding your complexion is essential to choosing flattering dress shirt and tie combinations. Educate yourself and learn what colors will make you look your best.

Cool Undertones: Fair Complexion, Light to Medium Hair and Eye Color

You have a fair complexion with cool undertones. Your hair color may be platinum, ash blond, silver or ash brown, with blue, gray or soft brown eyes. Softer color dress shirts look best on you. Opt for ivory instead of white, and try pastel colors such as pink, blue, lavender, gray and soft yellow.

Fair Complexions Look Best in
Soft, Muted Color Dress Shirts

These are examples of colors that look good on you:

Pink Gray Purple Light Gray Yellow

Cool Undertones: Deeper Skin Tone or High Contrast between Hair, Eye and Skin Color

You have a deeper skin tone or a high contrast between your hair color, eye color and skin tone. A bright white shirt is a great choice for you, as are clear, powerful colors like blue, yellow, pink, purple, gray and black.

Dark Skin

Darker Skin Tones Look
Great in White Dress Shirts

These are examples of colors that look good on you:

White Blue Yellow Pink Purple Gray Black

Golden Undertones: Golden Brown or Red Hair and Blue or Green Eyes

You have a golden complexion. You may have blue or green eyes, and golden brown or red hair. To look your best, wear a cream dress shirt and clear colors like blue, peach, golden yellow, violet and sea foam green.

Cream and Clear Color Shirts
Complement Golden Undertones

These are examples of colors that look good on you:

Yellow Blue Orange

Warm Undertones: Earth Tone Hair, Eyes and Skin

You have an earth tone quality to your coloration and look best in warm, muted colors. Wear ecru instead of white, as well as French blue, salmon, marigold, brown and teal.

Warm Undertones Are Enhanced
by Warm, Muted Color Dress Shirts

These are examples of colors that look good on you:

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