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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Exceptional Quality

"I just received my first shirt on Friday, and I won't ever purchase a non-custom shirt again!  Now, I'm spoiled; it's the nicest shirt I've ever purchased!!  Now, I'll be one of your customers for life; I'll probably order again some time next week.  Thank you."

Edward Anderson

Brentwood, MO


I think you did a fine job on the shirt you made me.  I like it better than my Pierre Cardin shirts!"

Robert Simmons

Perryville, KY

"Dear Janine,

I usually order my shirts from Paul Frederick but was unable to get the custom-made shirt I wanted from them ... so, I went looking... I was delighted to see that I could order the shirt I wanted from ... and I was further delighted by the incredible attention to detail shown by your firm.  I have flagged your website and will, hereafter, be ordering my shirts (custom or otherwise) from you!


Allen J. Exelby

Newark, DE

"I just received my other shirts. I can't say enough about the quality and appearance. I look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks for a great product. I'm planning on running for Mayor of our small city and I'm sure these shirts will help get me elected."


Jim Rhinehart

In good times but especially in tough times - bestcustomeshirt eclipses any retail source for comfortable, high-quality, great- fitting and great looking men's apparel. They live their name. They ARE the best.

Graham Landgraff


I've got my shirt - quality of work is exceptional, perfect tiny stitches,

nice soft color of cloth, fits so perfectly that I was a bit scared - I'm
usually wrapped in my shirts ;o(.

I will definitely order again, the next time I'll try more casual not so
perfectly fitted shirt - as most of my shirts are.

Thanks a lot,

Kirill Fakhroutdinov

I did receive my shirt and it looks great, thank you

David Cox

Great value, tremendous fit, better service. On January 17th we ordered three custom made shirts from Best Custom Shirts, for my husband to take on a cruise, which we needed to have delivered by February 20th. Best Custom Shirts acknowledged the order within minutes by automated Email, which is common. But within a couple of hours they sent a personal Email asking if we would like for them to make one shirt, send it to us, and then they could make any needed adjustments to the rest of the order. We said make a trial shirt if they had time reminding them of our time constraints. They sent the trial shirt, no adjustments were needed, they made the other two shirts and they had it all to us with 5 days to spare.

Meghan, the Best Custom Shirts representative, is a true professional. She kept us apprised of the status of our shirts through the entire process. It is great to deal with a company that considers "great personal service" to be a way of conducting business and not just a slogan.

I was so impressed with the quality and fit that I took the shirts to my sewing circle. Several of the girls have won blue ribbons at various fairs and all were impressed with the tailoring expertise, the quality of materials and appearance of the shirts. The order form is clear, concise, and comprehensive. The form on what details you want for each shirt is simple to use and explains the options clearly. The instructions for measuring are strait forward and insure a great fit. To paraphrase Arnold, "We'll be back!"

Marie Pitt

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I received my shirts.  When I opened the box, the fabrics and colors were fantastic looking.  It was after I put the shirts on that I was truly blown away.  The fit is perfect, and I can say I've never had a shirt that fits as well as these.  I've already receive several questions about the shirts.

Benjamin Willis

Thank You Janine. My recent order arrived 10 days ahead of schedule. The value I received was priceless. The fit and tailoring is perfect; the cloth is the high quality you advertize. With my above average neck size; it's a pleasure to wear a necktie comfortably and look well-fitted at the same time!

Greg Meister

The shirts I've received are great.  Always top quality.

Creighton Okada

I received both orders of shirts Wednesday,  They're beautiful.  I've laundered them with no incident and I look forward to wearing one of them tomorrow for casual Friday.

Jeffrey Wisoff

Thanks, the shirt is just fine.  I don't wear nice shirts and slacks that often any more (retired) but when I do have to I hope to look OK.  Your shirts have been great.

Bill Fendley

I received ALL the shirts from the 2 last orders and the extra shirt as well.  All are great.  Thanks for the great assistance in fixing what I goofed up!

Nathan Goldstein III

Shirts are excellent

Larry Geer

Yes, I have indeed received my shirts, and always, am very satisfied with the quality of the product as well as the service your staff have provided. Thank you very much!

Kyle Jennette

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