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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Fabulous Fit

Received shirts, washed shirts, tried on shirts, like shirts !

Thank you for remedying the situation.

"Never before had 'custom-made' shirts, had a small issue with order but this company takes 'completely satisfied' and 'customer satisfaction' seriously!"
You may quote me on your site.

Thanks again,

Steve Christopher

"Both shirts fit extremely well and I am impressed by the craftsmanship.  I will be ordering more from you in the near future.

I appreciate your attention to detail."

Craig Fager

Owings Mills, MD

"I received my shirts 2 days ago and want to thank you for a 'job well done!!' I really liked the quality of the fabric and workmanship, and the fit came out perfect. Good service!! I look forward to reordering some more in the future.

Best regards,"

Ivan J. Diaz


"Ms. Giorgenti,

I found you in a web search for Big & Tall shirts. I have never been satisfied with the fit of off-the-shelf products (too tight, sleeves too short, etc.).  Your site seemed very thorough in capturing the fit information necessary to make these shirts truly fit - and therefore become "favorites" rather than hang in my closet  with so many other shirts I own that don't fit....


Thomas M. Fritz


This is my third time ordering from you.  I love the shirts.  Nothing is better than a custom fit, especially for a guy as big as me.  It's nice to have clothes that fit well and more importantly, fit the way I like them.

The other reason for picking your site was the ease of ordering and the great selection of fabrics."

Lee C. Farris, P.E.

Land Development Manager

"Dear Janine,

We just wanted to let you know how wonderful my husband's shirts fit. He has never had a shirt that looked so nice, was so comfortable or fit so well. He has even had other men in his office comment on what nice shirts they are.

We're glad we found you!"

Cheryl Gudauskas

"I just received my first shirt from you. It is beautiful and a perfect fit. I now know that any money spent having more shirts made will be well spent. Thank you very much."

John Harde

"The shirts we ordered fit great!  Otis was really pleased.  We have passed on the recommendation of buying shirts from you because we were so pleased.

Thank you."

Christine Davis

"Dear Best Custom Shirt,

I just wanted you to know that the shirt fit wonderfully and he was so excited. Thanks for all your hard work. You're the best! I will be ordering again soon.


Amelia Parrish

"It is for sure the best-fitting shirt I have ever purchased."

Martin Collerd

"The shirt looks and fits great. I especially like the way it fits in the neck area, and the sleeve length is perfect."

Stephen Robinson

"The shirts fit to a tee, thank you.  It's wonderful to have a shirt that fits and looks great.

Thanks again,"

Larry Kerrigan

"It has been a long time since I've had shirts that fit so well."

David Price

Hi Meghan - I just wanted to say thank you for the shirt. It turned out to be perfect. I love it.

Please, send my compliments to the tailor(s).

Is there a chance you can e-mail me the order specs so I can save it in case I needed to re-order the exact same shirt in the future?

Once again, many thanks for all your help and dedication to detail.

Have a nice weekend.


I am once again very please with the quality, the craftsmanship and especially the fit. I have never been able to purchase an off the rack shirt that fit well. Thanks to the skill of your tailors and seamstresses,  I now get compliments on the way I dress. I look forward to our future business together.


Yup, totally satisfied. My wife - like Ms. Giorgenti, a graduate of the NY Fashion Institute (1960) - was quite impressed with the stitching, pattern-matching, material and general overall quality of my shirt order. This on an order of your least expensive shirts!

The fit is wonderful.  

I cannot see myself buying shirts anywhere else from now on, and, I shall certainly give your slacks a try in the near future.

Thank you, you have exceeded my expectations.

Peter Schlosser

"I just received my first shirts, they fit great (as always).  Turnaround on the order seemed a little quicker this time, too.  All in all, another good experience and a good value, as well.


Matt Kitzi

I am TOTALLY satisfied with my shirts.  It's nice to have a shirt that fits that i can button at the neck.  I am a loyal customer.

Scott Cornuaud

I hope you are the recipient of this message.  Casey's pants arrived
yesterday and they fit just as I hoped they would.  I want to wash them
(line dry) and if they fit him when done, I will be placing an order for
more. I'm so appreciative of your customer service.  You far exceeded my
expectations and because of your attention to detail, you have a customer
for life.  Casey has never looked so good.  

Casmer Ziemlak

Dear Ms. Giorgenti...

I just received my 2nd set of shirts from you. I cannot say enough good things about them. I'm a stand-up comedian and I'm part of a dying breed who wears suits on stage. When I 1st started doing that I had a HORRIBLE time finding shirts. Let alone shirts with french cuffs. Then I discovered your company. THANK GOD!!!! Each shirt fits like a glove. I'm a pretty big guy so a good fitting shirt is a rare treat. The quality of the fabric, the fit and especially the monogramming are 2nd to none. When people and other comics ask me where I got my shirt I always refer them to you.

Thanks again for making me look good.


Jocko Alston

Just got my first shirt from you in the mail yesterday and I love it! First of all you told me it would be here by the begining of March. 2/18 it arrived. I have had shirts made by two local Men's stores, spent way more per shirt and they do not fit as well as yours. This is the first time I ever felt like the shirt was actually made for me. I'll be back. Thank you.

Ken Plummer

I did receive my order and my shirts fit perfectly. Please keep these measurements because it's right on the money.


Hugh Taylor

The shirts were received and the workmanship and fit were excellent as usual.

Don W Sanborn

Yes, I did receive my shirts, and they are perfect. I plan on ordering from you in the future.

Lamb, Darren

I have received my shirts.   I have only worn one of the two new ones so far, but I wanted to let you know it is truly perfect.

And I don't use that word lightly; I am very picky about the fit and cut and feel of my shirts.)


Calvin Miller

The shirt arrived yesterday. I tried it on and it fit and felt wonderful. Thank you.

Atlas Anagnos

Yes, I received my order.  Everything is perfect.
Thank you very much,

Larry Kolek

This fits better than ever.


Matthew Canter

I have received the shirts and they fit great. Thanks for doing such a good job.

J Marlin

Yes, my husband received his shirt.  It fits him extremely well and
he's very happy with it.  He's looking forward to wearing it in our
friends' wedding this coming May.

Keri Gulbrandsen

I did receive my shirts. Thank you. This has been a great experience for me. Assuming the four shirts I just received fit as well as the first one, you will have yourself a long-term customer who will send his friends to you.

Sanders, David S

I did receive the shirts and they are the best fit of any shirt I've ever bought from you or anyone else.  Fantastic job.


Yes, I received my shirts this past Thursday and the fit perfectly.  My wife loves the yellow one.  As usual I am extremely pleased with the quick turn around.


The shirts arrived before I expected and they are beautiful. The fit is perfect!!!I could not be more pleased..Thank you

Michael Gerson

Yes indeed:  they arrived yesterday, and they seem to fit perfectly.  Thank you, as always!  I'm getting ALL my shirts from you henceforward—I've never had a shirt fit better.

Neil Chudgar

yes, the shirt came in and was absolutely perfect!!! I've never had a better shirt and will be buying more in the future for sure.

rich schwarzenberg

The shirts were perfect. I will be ordering more soon.

Arthur Raisfeld

Received the shirts and they fit great.  Thanks again for a great product.

Matthew Wallace

Yes I am completely satisfied with the shirt from you!! It fits better than any other dress shirt I have ever tried!! Thanks so much


Shirts arrived this week. All fit well and I'm very pleased with the shirts, service and turnaround time.

Kevin Gahagan

I just got my shirts and they fit PERFECTLY. I could not be happier with my order. I have never had a dress shirt fit me in my 38 years until now. I want to thank you for getting them out to me - you have an AWESOME product. Thanks again!

Michael Wilson

Received shirt and very pleased.  Fit perfect..excellent craftmanship.

I will be ordering more in near future.

Franklyn Brown

I finally found the solution for my custom shirt dilemma!

For about 15 years, it was very difficult to find quality dress shirts that fit my athletic physique.  No matter which store or tailor I visited, no one was able to accurately design a dress shirt for my build; until I found Giorgenti.

I was hesitant to try a web-based tailor, but Giorgenti's satisfaction guarantee gave me the confidence to try them out.  Their online system is quite impressive.  The questionairre covered everything: my measurements, how I felt shirts don't fit correctly, and how I want my shirts to fit.

The results were incredible!  Every shirts fit perfectly, and I have become a regular customer.  Not only do I receive high quality shirts that fit me properly, but I also pay less per shirt than with other stores.

James V. Mangini


Yes, we received our custom shirts.  They are fantastic, thank you so much.

Malinalli Cooke

Perfect fit!  How do I order more of the exact same short but different color?


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