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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Customer Service

"To Customer Service,

Thanks for your reply.  I like the customer service your company provides and the product is certainly outstanding!  I can't wait until my next order!!  Have a great day!"

Edward Anderson

"Dear Ms. Giorgenti,

This email is to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer. The quality of the product and the excellence in customer service will make me a lifelong customer of The Best Custom Shirt Company (aptly named). I found your company online and ordered two shirts; when the shirts arrived I was amazed at the fine quality of the material as well as the reasonable prices. I would also like to compliment the high level of customer service I received from Mr. Leigh Howerton."

"Best Regards,"

Robert J. Popoff

"Your customer service is, as always, wonderful."

Tia Andrews

"Hi Janine,

I did a Google search on your business to learn more about you.  I found that you are (or have been) an active participant in various discussions, promoting your business by helping people.  It's what I've done for years in my business and I think it's a good, responsible way to promote sales on the Internet.  I also appreciate the personal attention to customers, something that I also believe in for my own business.  Bravo!


Ed Bennett

"Best Custom Shirt delivers! I like doing business with people that do what they say they will do.  As a busy executive, I don't have the time to waste."

Ray Simons

"I searched on "tailored shirts" and your website was the first listed.  I saw another website that advertised shirts starting at $29, but my initial review of the site did not compare to the detailed, user-friendly features offered by your website.  Since this is my first look at tailor-made shirts, I was attracted to your site because you appear to be very organized and offer a quality product.

"Be blessed!"

Kevin Young

"Hi JG,

"I chose to buy from you because you offer a good price, no outrageous shipping, great delivery time, and a good website."

Doug Bailey

Yes! My husband LOVES the shirts. Service has been wonderful. Not only
did you ship in a timely manner, but you also were quick to communicate the progress of the shirts as you were preparing the order. Thank. you so much! We will definetly use Best Custom Shirt again.


I received the shirts on Monday this week.
You met the delivery deadline and I am very pleased with the shirts.  Thank you!

Philip L. Wiggle

Dear Meghan:

I was out of Mexico last week. I appreciate your call and your email. I received my order two weeks ago and I am very satisfied with your product and your service. Everything worked just fine. As expected. Definitely I will consider you as a solid option in future purchases from now and on, so I can only suggest to keep with the good job.


Guillermo Flores

Yes, I am very satisfied with the shirt.  I'll probably be ordering again soon.


I received my shirt, and it fits very well.  I'm very pleased with the customer service and will order more shirts from your company.


Andrew, William

Yes, Thank you.  The service was great and the fit is much better.

Tony Magistrale

I received my shirts and I love them.  Thanks again for a job well done.

Corey Joyal

Management Consulting

Yes I recieved the shirts and they fit perfectly.I sent you an e-mail yesterday

thanking you for the wonderful service.You will here from me again soon.

Soil Mechanics

The shirt arrived with time to spare! Thanks so much for your excellent service and attentiveness!

avi markowitz

Yes, I received the shirt replacement.It is Excellent and I really appreciate your sending a replacement.This is EXCELLENT service. Floyd DuBois

Floyd DuBois

Yes, thank you I received the shirt yesterday, and I am extremely satisfied with your excellent customer service!  (Also, the shirt color was perfect).

Stamm and Peter

I received my final shirt on Friday when I got home from work. Everything is perfect and I am completely satified. Keep up the great customer service!


Yes I received my shirt , I am really impressed with the quality of workmanship and the texture of it. And when I tried the shirt on it fits GREAT!!!!!. You all sure did a great job. I am going to pass the word around about your products and the great service that you provided me with. I will be ordering more custom dress shirts in the near future. Thanks Again.
Gary D. Newman

Gary Newman

Amazing service and communication. Thank you. I just one my first  
shirt from you this week and was quite pleased. Which is why I  
immediately ordered two more. I have ordered shirts from five other  
tailors this year but expect to settle in with you as my sole  
provider. Thank you for your excellent print service and communication.

Cliff Renfro

Absolutely perfect. Great customer service.


Received my shirts sooner than expected And as in the past I am pleased with both the shirts and the service.  Thanks.


Thank you for the new Stripped Shirt!! It arrived yesterday and my wife loves the shirt. She now wants me to order more colors made out of the same material as this one!!
I have told everyone about your shirts and service. Next I may try the Pants Market!

Randy Blizzard

I have received the shirts. I am very satisfied with them. You guys do great work.

Brett Ziegler

I've received all of my shirts and they fit wonderfully. Thank you for all of the service and support.


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