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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Hard-to-Fit Shirts


My husband Jerry used to purchase shirts and take them to a tailor who practically remade the whole shirt. The problem was that taking in the baggy sleeves made them a bear to iron since nothing matched up any longer.  Best Custom Shirt has resolved our problem."

Mary Konchar

"Dear Ms. Giorgenti,

I chose Best Custom Shirt because I like shirts that are traditional, yet a bit different (i.e. Pat Riley collar, or sometimes sporty but roomy cut, button down collared shirts with French cuffs).... and you had them. I am an unusual size -- 16.5 x 36 -- and like roomy cut shirts, which are not easy to find.


Peter J. Meola

Chief Executive

"Dear Janine,

I chose you because my son can NEVER find a shirt that fits.  I searched the Internet and yours was one of the names that came up.  I checked out your site and saw how much detailed information you require before you make the shirt, and I was sold.


Carol House

"I decided that with the price of "store bought" shirts, it would make financial sense to have them made."

John Cockfield

My first shirt was nice. We made a couple of adjustments to the fit on my re-order and they arrived today. I am a very hard to fit person with an xl body and a 5xl neck. These shirts are amazing! the fit of the new shirts with the adjustments we made are PERFECT! It is so nice to have a shirt that fits right! I wish it was easier online to tell the weight of the fabrics. The new fabric is light and comfortable. Absolutly perfect! so glad I found you! Thanks, and I will be ordering again and again!

Bill R Jarboe

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