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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Big and Tall Shirts

"I was searching online for solutions for shirts. I am tall and need longer shirts. I can find my size but normally just in white and never in the colors or styles that I want. Your site was very exciting to find and I have shared it with all my tall friends and family."

Paul Gray

"Other websites do not offer custom shirts for such a big man as me. The sizes on other sites are only in the average size range."

Peter Van Der Jagt

"Dear Janine,

I found you through a Google search for big and tall dress shirts. I chose you because yours was the only site I saw that went into such great detail; all the other sites only had fitting charts with the standard neck and sleeve measurements, not taking into account the girth or torso shape of the individual shopper."

Clinton Hansen

"Your site was located near the top of the list of 'big and tall men's shirts.'  I was looking for white on white dress shirts and your site had them.  As I worked my way through your web site, I was impressed by your attention to detail and the quality of your measurements."

Lawrence Brown

"I found you by entering the key words "tall man's dress shirts." I chose your company because I never before was able to find a company with reasonable prices that makes custom shirts."

Kevin Kunz


I Googled 'dress shirt tall' and your site came up first. I have really had an annoying time trying to find shirts. I have paid upwards of $130 for them but think it is ridiculous. Your shirts are well-priced and fit properly."

Stewart Roberts

"I found you through a yahoo search for 'tailored dress shirt tall'...liked the website and reasonable cost."

Jim Cushman

"Hi Janine Giorgenti,

I have a hard time finding shirts to fit my arms. I decided after one department store canceled stocking 18'' neck and 39'' sleeve to do a search on the internet for a designer to fit my needs. By the way, I am 6' 7''."

Correy Short


This is my third time ordering from you. I love the shirts.  Nothing is better than a custom fit, especially for a guy as big as me.  It's nice to have clothes that fit well and more importantly, fit the way I like them.

The other reason for picking your site was the ease of ordering and the great selection of fabrics."

Lee C. Farris, P.E.

Land Development Manager

"Hi Janine,

I did a Google search on Big and Tall Men's shirts.  I was looking for one with French cuffs, and I was actually trying to avoid custom made (obviously because of price) but your prices were reasonable."

Janine DeVeaux

"I was surprised to find a custom shirt service for a reasonable price on the internet. I am 6'4" tall with a 6"10" "wingspan" and find it very difficult to find shirts that fit."

Chris Morris

"Dear Ms. Giorgenti,

I am Stephen's wife and am ordering him a shirt for the holidays. He is 6' 8" and 220lbs I think custom fit is the best way to go.  I am trying to keep this a surprise.
Thank you."

Andrea L. Quinn, Pharm.D.

Clinical Coordinator

"Dear Janine,

I have purchased several shirts from you and I am completely satisfied. I love the shirts and they are a big hit at work.

As a big and tall customer with a hard to fit size, I am a huge fan and I will definitely purchase more shirts.

You have made a custom shirt that is affordable for the common working person."

Chris Bonn

I received my shirts and they are great.

Being 6'8" I have a hard time finding shirts that are long enough.  When they are long enough, they fit me like a trash bag.

Being able to adjust each order, has resulted with shirts that fit perfectly.  I feel more confident and attractive.


Dewey Jackson

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