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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Shirts for Shorter Men


I've never been happy with the dress shirts that are sold in stores.  Stores assume that all men who are short are also fat.  I am not!  I work out consistently and have a pretty good v-taper...44 inch chest or so, and a 31 inch waist.  So, I hate the feel of the ordinary shirt, having to tuck in reams of extra fabric in the waist.

I love the way your website walks you through the sizing and coloring.  There was no need to go to any other website."

Christopher Kovach

"Dear Ms. Giorgenti,

My husband could not find clothing to fit his small frame.  Most "custom" shirts use ready-to-wear shirts and just shorten the sleeves, leaving the rest of the shirt too big everywhere else.  Your website addressed this issue, was very informative, and had a good selection of fabrics and styles. Your patterns are created by taking the actual measurements of each individual, which means "true" customization from scratch.

In Peace,"

Deirdre Ward

"Greetings, Janine,

I found you on Google while searching for shirts that would fit and for cotton/polyester mix and collars with no buttons. Local stores don't stock much for smaller people and even small sizes are baggy. The kids may like baggy, but I do not."

Justin Hill

"I ordered from you since your questionnaire was easy and there were no difficult measurements. You also mentioned athletic sizing as a specialty.   I'm short and muscular, which has always been a problem."

Barry Schwartz

Director of Reimbursement

"My husband is short and stocky and we have problems finding shirts for him.  After searching the internet your company seemed to have the solution.

"Thanks for being there."

Nancy Parker

"My son lives in NYC and you are "local" to him.  He is short and works on Wall Street and has to look sharp.  It is hard to find dress shirts which fit him properly.  The measurements and options you offer seem to cover everything. Your shirts fit him perfectly.

I am sure my son will be ordering more shirts. He does almost all his shopping on line because he doesn't have the time to go shopping in the traditional manner.  He works 80-90 hours a week."

Patricia Koide

"Hi, Janine.

This is Katie Woitalla, Finbar's wife. We found your site after an exhaustive search for short men's clothing! My husband is 5'3" and has grown accustomed to wearing poorly fitting shirts. He needed a new shirt for a friend's wedding, and we agreed that this is the perfect opportunity to try out a custom design!"

Katie Woitalla


Because I have very specific challenges with my height (5'0"), fitting is difficult and I want to make sure I get the perfect fit."

James Venezio

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Giorgenti experience and how thrilled I am to have found this company. As a man of very small build, I have always had serious trouble finding dress shirts. I just received my first two Giorgenti shirts (a graduation gift from my soon-to-be in-laws; they footed the bill, but I did everything else), however, and they are absolutely perfect. I have several shirts that cost $50+ from department stores, plus another $50+ in custom tailoring that do not fit nearly as well, and that I am not nearly as happy with. I am beginning law school this fall and am at the outset of what will hopefully be a long and successful professional career. I will have many, many dress shirt needs, and cannot imagine getting dress shirts any other way from now on.
Thanks so much,

Charles Fowler

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