Customer Reviews

They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on User-friendly Process

"Best Custom Shirt,

I found you while surfing on the net.  You site seemed very user friendly."

Michael T. Gillen

Managing Director

"Ms. Giorgenti,

Your company has been great at communicating, which I truly appreciate.  I am excited, and happy to continue ordering.  The website purchase was seamless.


Scott Fentress

"I like your choice of fabrics, and the ordering process was easy."

Don Sadler

"Hey Janine,

I found you guys through Google. I liked the professional look of the site.  As I scrolled through the customizing process, I was sold.  Your website is very easy to use."

Brian Maxey

"Dear Janine,

Your website was incredibly easy to follow. I was able to manipulate my shirt style to the way I wanted it to be.

Kind Regards,"

David Lamb

"Your website and the ordering process are very complete."

Charlie Gonzalez

"Dear Ms. Giorgenti,

I really enjoyed the website; it seemed very thorough, and was easy to use."

Jennifer Burns

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