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They say that the clothes make the man. Well, here’s what our customers have to say about the clothes that we’ve made for them.

Testimoials on Website Design

"I ordered from because of the info on your website; it is very well laid out and presented."

John Cockfield

"Hello Janine,

I chose your business over others because your site content and layout seemed to be the most professional.  When you are doing business with a non-local company, you don't have much to go on.  So, you can usually tell how professional a business is by their website.

Also, my shirt arrived 1 (one) business day from the time it was shipped, even though I'm all the way down in Kentucky and it was shipped 2-day priority USPS.

It also fits like a charm.

I will order again."

Ryan Booker

"Dear Janine,

Your website is professional looking, your bio on yourself very credible. Your address (location) implies a close tie-in with the needs of your local clients. The bios of your models in the "what to wear for your profession" section provides a nice touch and connection. That area is very useful. Additionally, I appreciate the many options and detailed measurements taken in your ordering area, which demonstrates a strict attention to detail.  This is important for big and tall men like me."

Keith Leippi

"Hi, Janine,

I did an advanced Google search.  Your site came up and looked very professional and appealing.  I buy at Rochester Big and Tall, Hajjar's Big and Tall, and sometimes Repp/Casual Male.  They did not have the system or materials that you have.


Gary Foster

"I found you on and love your site! It is very detailed and understandable. Thank you."

James Fuller

"Your website was fun, easy to find and easy to use."

Gary Foti

"I found your website via a search.  After examining numerous sites I picked yours because:

-You are US based rather than European or Asian based

-Layout of site is great

-Completeness of measurement instructions

-I can see the shirt as I design it myself online

Overall, you have a great website."

"The Wife" of John Wilson,"

Karen Wilson

"I searched on "tailored shirts" and your website was the first listed.  I saw another website that advertised shirts starting at $29, but my initial review of that site did not compare to the detailed, user-friendly features offered by your website.  Since this is my first look at tailor-made shirts, I was attracted to your site because you appear to be very organized and offer a quality product.

"Be blessed!"

Kevin Young

"Hi JG,

"I appreciate the profile feature on your web site."

Brian Cuiffo

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