Characteristics of a High-Quality Custom Made Dress Shirt

How to check if your custom shirt fits

  1. While the shirt is buttoned, you should be able to slide two fingers between your neck and collar.
  2. When you move your arm in your custom dress shirt, the sleeves should be long enough so that cuffs do not ride up your wrist.
  3. The cuffs of your custom made shirt should just be tight enough that they do not hang over your hand. You should not be able to slip into shirt sleeves without first undoing buttons on the cuff.
  4. To make sure your custom fitted shirt is comfortable and not too tight, check that the shirt does not pull uncomfortably across the shoulders, chest or waist.
  5. Check the buttons of your custom shirt; they should be secure, no loose threads and well-placed with no gaping holes exposing your chest or waist.
  6. To check the proper shirt length of your custom shirt, raise your arms and make sure that the shirt tail does not come out of your pants.

It takes up to 9 washings for a custom dress shirt to fully shrink. For this reason, make sure the collar of a brand new shirt has a half inch extra room or it will become too tight.

""Chris loved his shirt and so did I. It's nice to know that there
are still companies out there that take the time and effort to
make a quality product"
- Kathy Blaut

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